Christine Santelli & Heather Hardy " live In the Parlour"

“Live in the Parlour” Release Date January 2024 Rapid Records

                    “Whats the Secret Behind Christine Santelli & Heather Hardy's Musical Chemistry?  

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Indie Boulevard Magazine

Grammy Nominated songwriter and NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Christine Santelli (guitar, vocals,songwriter) teams up with Blues Hall of Fame, powerhouse Heather Lil’ Mama Hardy (fiddle,vocals,songwriter) for a special project. 
After successful tours down south and out west, Santelli and Hardy decided it was time to record their first record together and hit the road.   In July 2023, Santelli and Hardy recorded 2 live shows at the listening room The Parlour, at Fox and Crow in Jersey City NJ.  13 songs were chosen,  9 penned by Santelli and 3 penned by Hardy, and one traditonal just for the fun of it,  appropriately titled "Live in he Parlour.  The recording keeps one foot in the blues and dances around in a few other genres, roots, americana, adult contemporary.  But is it obvious that these two artists have deep roots in the Blues.  Heather now resides  in Tucson Arizona where she has a successful career with her own Band Lil’ Mama, while Santelli and her band can be seen performing in NYC and surrounding areas.  

 "Heather Hardy's violin slices through like a diving falcon. Her solos marry lightning virtuosity with melodic sophistication and unhindered soul." 

About Santelli..literate, engaging, darkly humorous in spots, certainly unabashedly romantic by the time the curtain comes down—and appreciate a fine songwriter at the top of her game.” Deep Roots Magazine

These veterans exhibit true respect for each others art and talent, it's obvious in their shows, together they are not to be denied.

Live in the Parlour


1. Poor Me... Santelli 5:13

2. Lily's Song...Santelli 4:42

3. Blue Silhouette...Hardy 3:44

4. Good Day for a Hangin'...Santelli 4:00

5.Lil' Dogie...Hardy 4:58

6. Guilty...Santelli 4:32

7.Iko Iko...Traditional 4:00

8. Evil is Lurking...Santelli 2:49

9. Cadillac Delight...Santelli 5:27

10. Woman...Santelli 4:10

11. She Wasn't Wrong...Santelli 4:01

12. The Tree...Hardy 4:37

13. I Rise...Santelli 4:42