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Christine Santelli and Heather "Lil Mama" Hardy Contact christinesantelli@gmail.com 201-936-8692

Grammy Nominated songwriter and NY Blues Hall of Fame inductee, Christine Santelli (guitar, vocals) teams up with Blues Hall of Fame, powerhouse Heather Lil’ Mama Hardy (fiddle,vocals) for special project. 
After a successful tour down south and out west, Santelli and Hardy bring this project to their home turf where they first met in 1996. Heather now resides and in Tucson Arizona where she has a successful career with her own Band Lil’ Mama. 
Heather Hardy: "Heather Hardy's violin slices through like a diving falcon. Her solos marry lightning virtuosity with melodic sophistication and unhindered soul." 
Christine Santelli: "…Christine Santelli’s solo acoustic stunner Dragonfly is a complex, coming of age work…the matured singer-songwriter whose voice and acoustic guitar give wings to her poetry.”..Dave McGee veteran former Rolling Stone writer emeritus and distinguished author, " 
These veterans exhibit true respect for each others art and talent, its obvious in their shows, together they are not to be denied.

Photo by Joseph Rosen @ Fox and Crow