christine santelli/james maddock

Cafe Bohemia, 15 Barrow st, New York City

Stop by for a soft opening at Cafe Bohemia full menu and cocktails doors open at 8pm Downstairs Barrow St Ale House

James Maddock will be performing a solo set 8:30pm

Christine Santelli band will be performing a set at 10pm

James Maddock A rock & roll lifer, James Maddock has been carving his unique path since the 1980s, when the British-born singer/songwriter kicked off his career with a raw, soulful voice; a storyteller's sense of narrative; and the ability to blur the lines between folk, classic pop, and rock.

Since those early days in London, he's ridden the wave of a music industry that's ebbed, flowed, peaked, and crashed. Maddock has stayed afloat throughout the entire ride, enjoying a brush with commercial success during the late 1990s — including a major-label record deal, a Top 5 AAA radio hit, and a song placement on Dawson's Creek — before transforming himself into an independent solo artist during the decades that followed. Bruce Springsteen is a fan. So is David Letterman. Listening to Maddock's newest record, Insanity vs Humanity, it's easy to see the appeal.

Christine Santelli Grammy Nominated Songwriter, NYC Blues Hall of Fame, Christine Santelli has been on the NYC music scene for more than 2 1/2 decades. She has toured around the world and has released 9 CD’s over her career.

Café Bohemia Returns to the Village

The legendary Café Bohemia at 15 Barrow St was THE jazz hotspot in the West Village from 1955-1960. Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Art Blakey, and Charles Mingus played for the likes of Jack Kerouac, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins, among the poets, writers, and jazzophiles who flocked there. It also inspired such classic recordings as “Mingus at the Bohemia”, Oscar Pettiford’s “Bohemia After Dark”, and “Round About Midnight at the Café Bohemia” by Kenny Dorham.� Cut to 2019, and Café Bohemia is back in its original spot. Like its earlier incarnation, this small cozy 50 seat club creates a palpable intimacy between the performing artists and their audience. In keeping with its celebrated past and honoring the bohemian spirit of the Village, Café Bohemia will present all the great American art forms, Jazz, Blues, Folk, and Spoken Word. Audiences will enjoy NYC and top national acts from across the musical landscape on the newly outfitted stage.