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Blue Grass Special magazine Founder David McGee had this to say 

A Worthy Artist Needs Your Help!


Anyone who has taken a look at our Contents page in the past few months knows Christine Santelli as one of our favorite artists--each month we feature a new video from her 100 Songs in 100 Days project and do what we can to keep her name and her music in our news. Recently Ms. Santelli sent a note to her mailing list announcing a 30-day Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to complete her first solo acoustic album, which she hopes to self release in 2012. We’re hoping to mobilize our readers to pitch in any little bit of spare change to aid her cause. Her most recent, critically lauded albums, 2006’s Tales From the Red Room and 2009’s Any Better Time, showed substantial growth in all aspects of her artistry, but notably in the maturity of her songwriting. Though categorized as a blues artist, Ms. Santelli has in the past couple of years evolved into a blues-influenced singer-songwriter of uncommon depth. We’ve heard several of the songs in rough mix form and in person at her weekly solo acoustic appearances as the host of the Path Café’s Wednesday night singer-songwriter open mic, and can assure all who contribute to the Kickstarter fund of making a good investment. New songs such as “Why Call Me,” “Ten Years Ago” and “Rita” are absolute gems of grown-up musings on missed opportunities, faded love and intense yearning. And those are only three of 15 new tunes ready to go, expertly steered by ace guitarist/producer Dave Gross. Please join in pitching in to make Christine Santelli’s new album a reality. At latest report, she had collected 1/3 of her stated goal. Every little bit helps. The campaign, which began on October 20, runs until November 17. If her money goal is not met within 30 days, contributors will not be charged. Thanks for any and all help for a worthy artistic endeavor.